Liquid Soap Vs Hand Soap

I notice that there is trend towards using Liquid Soap rather than ordinary hand soap now. Why? Does it clean better? Perhaps its more hygenic. Is it more economical or more costly?

They’re usually colourful, smells good and comes in beautiful packaging. Beats the hand soap hands down. I’m still using the old fashioned hand soap because I’m thinking of the cost. Does liquid soap finish faster and hence become very costly to use? If used for bathing, I’m sure it’ll finish a lot faster, won’t it?

I know if I used them in my house and my kids get their hands on them, they’d finish a whole bottle in a day. Hahaha. So I only use them when I have gatherings…. for my guests.

Has everyone here switched to liquid soaps? Are you using hand soap or liquid soap at your house? Can you tell me the pros and cons? Thanks.

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7 thoughts on “Liquid Soap Vs Hand Soap

  1. I prefer liquid soap more as it’s more hygenic as comapred to soap bar… and it won’t get all slimmy on the sink top too…

    Hahaha. You’re so right about the slimy part.

  2. Soap bar leaves soap scum which is very difficult to clean but young children tend to waste more liquid soap. So, we use both at home. 🙂

    Using both sounds like a good idea. 🙂

  3. We started using liquid handsoap many years ago. It is more hygienic for one. Also, it looks better in the bathroom and lastly, less cleaning unlike soap leaves traces of slimy gunk.

    We also use liquid soap for showers due to hygience reason. Within our family, I still have a bar of soap in the shower but we also have bottles of liquid shower wash for visitors and my daughter as she likes to scrub her body with the shower scrub.

    Overall, I think hygiene is one good reason for using liquid hand wash or shower wash.

    Hygiene and deco. I agree that it does improve on the boring bathroom deco! Hehe.

  4. We have switched completely liquid soap. I think it is more hygienic, but you definitely use more. The kids simply love pumping and pumping!!

    Haha. Yes, thats what I was afraid of. The kids getting their hands on it!

  5. I prefer liquid soap as it’s more hygenic. But then my hubby still use hand soap when he showers cos his mom bought them…don’t ask me why ;D So, we have both at home 😀

    His mum bought them mah, thats why. Like dat oso dunno? Haha

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