I notice that there is trend towards using Liquid Soap rather than ordinary hand soap now. Why? Does it clean better? Perhaps its more hygenic. Is it more economical or more costly?

They’re usually colourful, smells good and comes in beautiful packaging. Beats the hand soap hands down. I’m still using the old fashioned hand soap because I’m thinking of the cost. Does liquid soap finish faster and hence become very costly to use? If used for bathing, I’m sure it’ll finish a lot faster, won’t it?

I know if I used them in my house and my kids get their hands on them, they’d finish a whole bottle in a day. Hahaha. So I only use them when I have gatherings…. for my guests.

Has everyone here switched to liquid soaps? Are you using hand soap or liquid soap at your house? Can you tell me the pros and cons? Thanks.

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