My Yamaha Electone Organ

I’ve always wanted to learn the piano but we didn’t have enough money so dad sent me for organ electone classes instead. It was cheaper to get an organ and it fulfilled my desire to learn some music. Dad bought the organ on hire purchase terms. It has served me very well and been with me for a long time. I’ve since sold it. I learned the organ around age 12, I think. I can’t remember!

Anyway, back to my organ. It has moved several places from Kuantan to KL to Penang and to KL again. It has been played by my cousin in Penang who loved it so much that she later took up some Clavinova lessons. It has been played by my nephews who loved it so much that they took up organ lessons of their own and got their own organ later on.

I stopped my organ lessons when we were moving around so much but took it up again when I was working. I was able to pay for my own lessons then. I studied till Grade 6. Later on I even taught a little girl till she took exams for her First Level, (that would be Grade 13 if I’m not mistaken). I was very happy to be able to achieve that.

What is this all leading to? The story of my very first pop piano lesson of course. I will save that for another post. Hehe.



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5 thoughts on “My Yamaha Electone Organ

  1. Hey! We had something in common! I like piano too. But, I did not start learning yet. I plan to start together with Elizabeth. Anyway, when is she able to learn piano? I wondered! 3 years old?

    Healy, I was told that they provide music appreciation classes for the younger ones but its advisable to start them on piano around age 6 due to developing fingers or something like that.

  2. Congrats on PPP…

    Btw I love to learn piano but unfortunately I havent got to there yet…Hmmm dont even know how to press keyboards hehehe..

    Anyway congrats again!

    Hi there Haze. Pop Piano is a lot easier to learn than Classical Piano. You can pretend to play like a pro in just months. Haha. And thats my intention. I just want to play for fun. Haha.

  3. we bought a keyboard for our daughter for her piano class, cost us only RM99 at toycity… if she liked it only we get a real piano lah, but not likely…

    Thats a good idea. Try out first, buy later if she has a real interest.

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