I am unable to attend Yoga classes so as usual, I turn to the web for help.

My sister tells me that her Yoga instructor told her to do some Sun Salutations daily for her Yoga exercise. She gave me some diagrams to follow but I’m afraid I don’t follow diagrams very well.

I would much prefer to have an instructor guide me but since I can’t, I can still follow some of these animations and video guides which I found on the internet. I’m putting them here for my easy reference but feel free to bookmark this page and use the same links if you find them useful too.

  1. Sun Salutation Animation from Yogasite.com – I love the stickman animation. They’re so cute!
  2. The Sun Salutation step by step from Santosha.com – I like this one because its easy to follow and at the end of it there is a diagram of all the steps in one line so I can view the whole sequence.
  3. Yoga Exercise – Sun Salutation from ABC-of-Yoga.com – I like this animation too and the supporting drawings tell me when to inhale and exhale so its easier for a Yoga newbie like me.
  4. Yoga Video Sun Salutation A and Yoga Video Sun Salutation B from fitsugar.com – I like these for obvious reasons. It comes with music and instructions like attending a real Yoga class but sometimes the video is slow to load.

Next, I’ll probably be searching for some relaxing music and Yoga or meditation music to support me in my Yoga exercise. If you have any good links, I would appreciate if you could share them with me too. Thank you.

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