When I first started blogging, I thought it was such a fun activity. At the time I only had several blog “kakis” / “gang” and we visited each other’s blogs and left comments on each other’s blogs happily. I spent some time posting on my blog and commenting on those few bloggers that I knew from the early days.

And then I found out that apart from just writing, I had to learn some new blogging jargon and other new things like a little bit of html codes and how to tweak my template a little. And so I spent some time doing that.

And then I monetized my blog and discovered that I had even more things to learn and a lot more posts to write because you have to write some original posts in between all those sponsored posts that you write. And so, I started a few more blogs and had to spend some time maintaining my blogs and writing more blog posts.

By now, those bloggers that I know had also grown and most of them started having several blogs too. I’m having trouble keeping up with and following those blogs that I like. I do enjoy reading many blogs and following up on those blogger posts that I like but its impossible.

Yes. Blogging is time consumming. There just isn’t enough hours in a day to write blog posts, maintain several blogs, blog hop, write sponsored posts and continue to learn. Its an ongoing learning process and you don’t stop learning. You discover new things and new blogs everyday … if only you had the time.

  • There are so many more things that I need to learn and do for my blogs but I just don’t have the time.
  • There are so many more blogs as well as blog posts that I would like to write and maintain but I don’t have the time
  • There are so many blogs that I would like to read and leave more comments on but I don’t have the time
  • There are so many more sponsored posts that I can write but I don’t have the time
  • There are so many new and good blogs that I would like to explore but I don’t have the time
  • There are many more avenues to improve the earnings of my blogs but I don’t have the time to explore them

If I were to do all the above I’d have to sit in front of my PC 24 hours a day and do nothing else. I wonder how everyone else seem to be able to do it. Tips anyone?

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