I was just writing about how time consumming blogging is. Its so time consumming that the only way I can catch up with reading blogs is to read them from a feedreader. I use the web based bloglines feedreader to read blogs.

During my early days of blogging, I used blogrolling and it helped me to know when certain blogs were updated but a feedreader is much better. When you subsribe to the feed of your favourite blogs, you can see updated posts on the left pane of your pc and you can view a summary of those posts on the right pane. You don’t have to leave your feedreader to visit your favourite blogs. This cuts down my blog hopping time a lot.

My bloglines feedreader allows me to paste a code on my webpage so that the blogroll on my blog gets updated whenever I subscribe to a new feed or delete one from my existing subscription. I did not paste the code on this blog though so this blogroll is very outdated. So if you don’t see your link there don’t despair. I’m still reading you through my bloglines feedreader. Haha.

The blogroll on my blog is definitely obsolete now. I no longer click on the links there. The reason its still there is because I like to see my link on other blogger’s blogs so I suppose they would probably like to see their link on my blog too. Lol!

Is your blogroll obsolete too?

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