Mummy’s Boy, Daddy’s Girl

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I am a Daddy’s Girl. After my mum passed away when I was 10, I think that left me to dote upon. The others were 14, 15, 17 and 18, well pass the doting age. So yes, I’m Daddy’s Girl. I remember daddy used to buy my favourite foods for me for supper. He was a policeman you see and he worked late quite often. I would wait patiently for him to come home with some special treat for me. I find that Daddies often show their love to their kids with food. Hahaha.

Before I had kids, those I know who had kids told me that opposites attract. You’ll find that boys are closer to mums and girls are closer to dads. “You’ll see” they said knowingly.

Well now that I have a boy and a girl, I find it quite true. My girl is close to her dad and my boy is close to me. Somehow my girl has a special bond with her dad. We put it down to the fact that because she was the firstborn he spent a lot of time helping me out with her like walking and rocking her to sleep when she cried etc.

Having said this, I would however like to add that both my kids are close to me, girl as well as boy. Closer to me than they are to their dads. “Thats because you have the advantage of time.” hubby tells me jealously. Hahaha. He’s probably right. The more time you spend with them, the more they bond with you. I’ve often said that that is the reason why people should not let their kids spend so much time with their maids.

I’m really curious. Do opposites really attract? Are you a mummy’s boy or a daddy’s girl? And what about your kids? Is it the same way too?

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10 thoughts on “Mummy’s Boy, Daddy’s Girl

  1. My daughter is probably too young for me to say whether she’s Daddy’s girl or Mommy’s girl.

    Currently she is still quite clingy towards me. Heee heeee and I enjoy that…

    My girl is stuck like glue to me, my boy is like super glue but I love both of them equally. 🙂

  2. I don’t think I am really daddy’s girl. I was closer to my mum. My dad is the quiet type, so he hardly spoke to us girls when we were young. But now that mum’s not here anymore, we have become closer. Err…as my own kids, my son’s not that close to me compared to my girl. So how?

    How ar? It just goes to show that its not true that opposites attract. Its circumstances that determine how close we are to our parents. 🙂

  3. I was more of my ‘popo’s’ (grandmother) girl cos she brought me up. How to attach to my so-called father when he left us for another woman when I was only 2 leh? As for my mother, she remarried and went to live with my ‘father’ and left us with my popo so I was more of ‘Popo’s’ Girl’ (heehee).

    As for my girl, can see dat she’s more attach to me cos whenever something happens to her, the 1st thing she’ll call out to mommy first.

    I don’t remember my maternal grandmother. As for my paternal grandmother, I only saw her once in a year so we didn’t have a chance to get close.

  4. I’m never my daddy’s girl. I fear of my father. In fact I think my brother is closer to my dad as dad has been more lenient to him than to me.

    JS is starting to build a bond with her father now though time she still stick to me and this happens only very recently. Maybe because I have been doing too much of shouting and screaming at her than to WH lately so she’s trying to seek comfort from her daddy.

    “Maybe because I have been doing too much of shouting and screaming at her than to WH lately so she’s trying to seek comfort from her daddy.”

    My sentiments exactly with my girl too.

  5. My father passed away when I was at 5, so, I’m more on mummy’s girl.

    As for my kids, although they were taking care by PIL and maid, both still attach me than daddy… poor daddy

    Like you my mum passed away when I was 10 making me daddy’s girl by default.

  6. In every family,one has to play the bad guy and one the good guy. In my case,I don’t know what went wrong 🙂 I play the bad guy and yet my son is closer to me. I think maybe it is because i talk to him like an adult make him understand why i do what i do but dont expect him to behave like an adult 🙂

    Hubby thinks he’s the bad guy but in actual fact, I’m the one who shouts at them all day long. Hahaha.

  7. My dad used to favour us girls more and when my little sister came (14 years younger than me), she was the apple of his eyes. It used to drive my grandmother (dad’s mum) mad in a good way.

    Both my kids are just as close to me as they are to their dad. My daughter tells us both everything but as she spends more time with me, she tells me more things. My son goes to him for man things and to me for ££ but he will muck around with both of us. 🙂

    Its good that they’re both still so close to you now. 🙂


  8. I’m not a daddy’s girl. There’s too many issues for the comment section to handle.. I’m closer to my mom.

    My boy is a daddy’s boy. And my girl is super mommy girl. I think because I’m too hard on the boy, as he’s the older one and I expect him to behave more..

    Yes, I’m harder on the older one too, making her turn to her daddy instead. 😛 but she’s till closer to me than her daddy overall though.

  9. there are 2 girls in my family n i personally feel close to my dad. and being the firstborn, i think i had a lot of the good stuff! lol 😛 that said, since both of us were girls, dad treated me a little more of a boy hence my slightly boyish nature while growing up whilst my sis is SOOOOOOOOOOOO girly!! lol but other than that, there were no favoritism at all.

    One tomboy and one girly girly. Who’d ever have thought that you are sisters eh?

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