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It would seem that we pop more and more pills as we grow older. My dad has to take his blood pressure medication and medication to control his colestrol. Recently he was prescribed a memory pill to improve his memory. This caused him to have insomnia and when we told the doctor about it the doctor said he should take sleeping pills to help him sleep. I think its getting out of control.

I have to take pills too. Twice a day so that hopefully I don’t get another seizure. Its really hard to remember to take my medicine. The best way of course is to keep them in a pill box and take them right after a meal. The best way is to have a routine and to take them at the same time everyday.

Even then I forget occassionally especially when there is a break in my routine. So to everyone out there who has to make sure their elderly parent remembers to take their pills, please be patient with them. Its really not easy to remember.

I can’t remember so what more when it comes to an elderly person who has a poorer memory. Be patient and don’t be frustrated.

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