Yesterday I forgot to take my morning medication again. Sigh! I put them in a medicine box and try to take them immediately after breakfast at around the same time every day. I even set and alarm to ring later on in the morning daily as a reminder to myself and yet I forgot.

I must say that taking medication on a long term basis has a bit of a physcological impact. When I forget, it really upsets me and makes me worry. I worry about suddenly having a seizure and frightening the kids. I worry about waking up in hospital and forgetting what had happened. Its a scary and not very nice experience to have that happen.

Oh well, now that I’ve got that out of my chest its time to forget it and think about nicer things instead. Just like I tell my daughter whenever she tells me “Mummy, I’m scared I cannot sleep. I’m scared I think about the monster on TV.” I would tell her, “Don’t think about the monster. Think about happy things that you like instead and you won’t be scared.” I guess the same applies to me. Hehe.

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