Monday Blues

I don’t suffer from Monday Blues, not for a long time now. For me, well, Monday is just another weekday. Weekends are nicer than weekdays but Mondays are no different from any other Weekdays with the exception of Fridays of course. Fridays are always nice because its the start of the weekend or rather the weekend is impending and we have a whole weekend to look forward to.

However weekends do pass so quickly. I am fortunate not to suffer from Monday Blues. Suffering from Monday Blues shows that you are going back to a weekday or workday routine that you don’t particularly look forward to. For those late birds like me, it also means getting up bright and early. I’m never chirpy in the mornings. I’m a grouch.

I’m not one of those to arrive in the office early in the morning, eat their breakfast and read the papers before starting the day. I’m one of those who prefer to sacrifice sleep for food. I’d put on my makeup in 5 minutes and be out of the house in another 5 and arrive at the office just in time to clock in at 9.00pm sharp. This way, I get to sleep or snooze on till the very last minute.

Fortunately, I’m a SAHM, so I no longer have to brave the morning traffic jams half asleep. Perhaps thats why I no longer have the Monday blues. Yes, being a housewife has its perks and this is certainly one of them for me.

What about you? Do you suffer from Monday Blues?

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  1. stay-at-home mum says:

    No, I dont suffer from monday blues. I love mondays. Kids are in school. I have the whole morning to myself – esp after submitting to their demands all weekend. I look forward to mondays! I love fridays just as much!

    Haha. Thats good for you then. 🙂

  2. Bkworm says:

    hmm.. VERY blue this Monday. Miss having people at home with me. Kid’s off to school and hubby’s off to work. sigh!

    Its Tuesday now, so you feel better, I hope.

  3. Judy says:

    Aiyoh, maybe I shouldn’t have read this one cos now I might suffer from Monday blues. 🙂
    An example, I never knew about PMS until my friend told me when I was about 31 and since then…PMS lah. This is just one example. OK, I quickly cabut now.

    No worries, its Tuesday now.

  4. chinnee says:

    i used to feel that when i was working. eagerly waiting for friday to arrive each day. but not, no feeling liao….just miss hubby coz he goes to work on monday, hehe…

    I still wait eagerly for Friday to arrive, accept that I don’t dread Mondays. Haha.

  5. clair says:

    Love Mondays ‘cos can’t wait to get to the gym to sweat it out after two lazy days. Love Fridays, it’s the day before the weekend! Can’t lose LOL.

    Haha. Weekends are usually lazy days for me too in terms of workouts.

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