I find the advertisements on the internet are getting more intrusive. Its like shoving the ad right at your face. I especially hate those video ads that grows in size and comes along with loud music when you happen to roll your mouse over it. It usually appears in my MSN Messenger. Its terribly annoying.

The other type that annoys me is those that takes up the whole screen blocking you from what you want to view. Sometimes its so huge that you can’t find the button to close it. Sheesh!

But I don’t mind text link ads and sponsored blog ads because I have both of these on my blog. Hahahaha! Ok, seriously now, I find these less intrusive. If you don’t wish to see the ad, you don’t. You have a choice to scroll away from the ad or not click on the link. Its not like those earlier ones which I mentioned which shoves itself right at your face whether you like it or not.

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