I’m not a very expressive person. In fact, I think I’ve got a poker face. Even when I’ve had a nice surprise, the most I can muster up is a smile and a thank you and perhaps a small hug.

Some other people I know would probably have squealed in delight, screamed out a big Thank You! jumped up and down and given the person or persons a hug and a big kiss but me? I smile and say thank you. Typical of some Asians I think. Reserved.

Some may call it cool. I call it reserved. I hope people aren’t disappointed by my reaction to some of the nice suprises I have received in the pass. It may appear to them that I did not like my surprise or did not think it was a big deal. It may be a big deal to me, only I show it in different ways. Not outwardly but I will remember it inwardly. I’m a bit reserved that way, a little bit expressionless. Its not like me to squeal and jump about in excitement the way some people can.

I really hope I haven’t disappointed some people by my cool reactions to something deserving of a little more expression occassionally. This coolness would probably get me misunderstood some of the time so its not really a fantastic trait but at least, it will serve me well during…. a poker game! Haha. I’m only kidding of course. During a poker game, I’m the opposite. I don’t know how to hide my excitement from showing through probably by turning red in the face and sweating profusely. Lol!

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