How to secure your roof against burglars?

Recently, my water tank burst. The water flowed down the drain all through the night. The next day, we called in the plumber. According to the plumber, the dent made on our water tank was very unusual. He thinks that someone had stepped on it.

This brings forth our fear about the security of our roof. Oh, we have alarms and all that but we had to remove one due to constant false alarms. We couldn’t live with a daily false alarm.

Capital Construction explains that the roof is often the weakest point for many of our homes. We grill up our windows and doors and put in contact point alarms etc but there is very little protection for the roof. We have zinc sheets put in by the previous owner but still we don’t feel as secure as when we were living in a condo with concrete above us.

Anyway, we searched around for a way to secure our roofs and found a gadget which we liked. It was a floodlights plus camera that gets turned on by motion. For example if an intruder makes a motion on the roof, the lights will get turned on and at the same time, the vcr will be turned on and the camera will start recording. We thought that that was exactly what we wanted. Too bad they don’t ship here and we can’t find anything of that sort here.

Strange. With the number of burglaries with point of entry being the rooftop, I think that those alarm companies should bring in something more proactive like that. Sigh. Now I have to search for something else. I’m not really interested in a cctv which records 24 hours. I want bright lights and only motion detector recording. Anyone knows of anything like this?

Prose from the pros: Most people don’t care for their home roofs but are careful when fixing garage cabinets. Always bear in mind that protective roofing can save you from a lot of future thefts. All the four siding walls should build as to make it more secure.

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  1. mott says:

    we have motion detectors…but rats and cats and birds can set them off..which is a bit of a drag. Oh well… I normally switch it on (for family’s safety) at night. But, if away, I won’t leave it on…might annoy the neighbours. Just don’t leave any valuables around.

    We don’t have valuables but we’re just afraid for the people in the house. They’re the valuables.

  2. mott says:

    oh sorry.. didn’t mention. We DIY-ed it ourselves. It’s VERY easy!

    Yes, its easy, but since its on the roof, if it goes off, how do you know its not just another false alarm?

  3. irene says:

    I also feel no secure if there is no alarm or any protection in the house nowadays in Malaysia. We had put the motion sensor in the roof too. But it’s not recording, but will trigger the alarm

    I would like to get a recording one but can’t seem to find one here. 🙁

  4. narrowband says:

    If i’m not mistaken, most house alarm systems also come with sensors installed in the roof to detect opening (of lids) and/or vibrations of certain surfaces. Some also come with motion sensors, you gotta check. Alarm companies are aware that the roof is a popular point-of-entry and therefore they have solutions for that 😉

    Yeah, I have both the motion sensor as well as the vibration type on the windows etc but I’m still thinking of how to better protect my roof. Hehe.

  5. Rick@home alarm systems says:

    I would suggest that you put something in the attic so that if they come through the roof, they will set an alarm off in the attic. There are all kinds of options when it comes to cameras, alarms, etc. You can even get things set up so that with movement, a camera begins to record, lights come on, you get an email, a text message, a pop up on your computer, etc. The sky really is the limit in security systems.

    If you like what you found on the internet, but understanding that you cannot get it shipped to where you live, you may try having it shipped to a friend or relative in a location where the company will ship and then have them ship it to you. Not sure if that is an option, but thought I would throw that idea out there.

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