Piano Lessons Update. My piano lessons have been going well. Teacher praises me occassionally. She says my sight reading is good, I learn fast and I’ve got a good feeling for music. Ahem! During my half hour lesson, hubby takes the kids to the park after dropping me at piano school. So they all enjoy themselves too.

I am diligent in my practise because I love it. However, even though I practise hard and sound ok at home, when I get to the class, my fingers stiffen and I make mistakes. I am suffering from Performance Anxiety.

Silly isn’t it? Despite my practise, despite teacher’s praises, despite it being an individual class with no one else around, I still feel nervous when playing for the teacher. I don’t feel nervous when playing for myself. In fact, I play with much more feeling too but in class, the feeling disappears in place for a nervous or performance anxiety feeling. Bleargh! 


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