Does your spouse read your blog and how do your feel about it?

Mine does not. At first I was very disappointed that he did not. I was so hard up for him to read my blog that I went to the extend of emailing him entire blog posts complete with comments. Hahaha.

I thought that if he didn’t read my blog, it meant that he did not care about what I thought. I also thought that it meant he didn’t support my blogging hobby. In fact, at first he told me it was a waste of time and he didn’t understand why anyone would blog.

I thought it meant that he was not interested to know another part of me ie the part that comes out in writing. We all have many personalities and I believe the part that comes out in writing may not necessarily be the same as the one that gets portrayed in person. Sometimes the part that comes out in writing is a deeper more meaningful personality. Sometimes in writing you see more of a person.

In that same vein, I tried to encourage him to have a blog because I wanted to know him better. I wanted to read his thoughts because he is not very expressive. (like most men.) If he had a blog, I would probably read it word for word, post for post and try to dissect it. Maybe thats why he dare not have a blog. Hahaha.

So, I was disappointed for a while but not anymore. I don’t know when the change occured but all of a sudden, I saw it in a different light. I saw that the fact that he didn’t read my blog meant that he wanted to give me more personal space and as a matter of fact it has given me more personal space. Now I can rant as much as I like. Hahaha. But I seldom rant about him lah. Not because I fear he may be reading but I feel something as personal as a husband and wife relationship should be left that ie personal. I only talk about him if its something good that I want to share or remember and not because I fear that he may be reading. Thats why I have a Marriage and Relationships category. It would be something general though but in relation to a personal experience. Although I must say that many times I have been tempted to sit down here and bang away at my keyboard when I am really mad at him! Hahaha.

So although I wouldn’t mind if he did read my blog, now I’m actually glad he does not. So I never have to deal with him questioning me “How come you wrote that?” “Wow, you spend so much time blogging?” (He’d probably say that about me taking pics and posting up my kids crafts. Check out our latest craft here: Chain Paper Dolls. Hehe.) etc. So I’m perfectly fine with him not reading my blogs now. This way, I never have to worry about him misreading or having my blog post misconstrued by him. I think people who know you well may actually read more into what you have written. But I still admire those spouses who are close enough to blog together no I should say I admire those spouses who can blog together, for not blogging together does not mean that you are not close. I think that blogging by one spouse can sometimes lead to some misunderstandings or issues so what more when both parties blog.

Speaking about spouses reading blogs, I wonder whether parents should read their children’s blogs. Almost all of my nephews and nieces have blogs but their parents don’t read them simply because they’re not very computer savvy and don’t know how to find their blogs in the first place but some of them would like to read just to know their child better and to know whats going on.

I guess that if my children are older and have blogs I would want to read them. I don’t think its an invasion of their privacy because it is afterall a public blog. If you post something in public then you must be prepared for everyone to read what you have written, not only those who don’t know you personally. However, I know of many children who hate having their parents reading their blogs especially mums.

I don’t mind if my siblings read my blog but I don’t think they have the time to follow my blog that closely since they’re not bloggers themselves and they all have their own lives to lead.

As for friends, I don’t mind if they read my blog since its just an extension of me and I have nothing to hide. Sadly though, I don’t have that many close friends whom I care enough to give away my personal thoughts to and thats why I keep the url to myself instead of sharing it freely.

And if I had a boss, no, I would not want my boss to read my blog! Nor would I want any colleagues to, even if I don’t rant about work. I believe one must keep work and personal life separate but thats just me. Others may feel differently.

What about my children? If they are grown and they would like to, I certainly wouldn’t mind them reading my blog. I think they would find the archives about bring them up quite funny. Too bad I don’t post pictures, otherwise they would find it even more amusing or perhaps they may go “Awe mum! Why did you pose that naked pic of me?” Hahaha. Mums, have you thought of that?

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