I want a Spice Garden

My house is totally devoid of greens. How nice it would be to surround oneself with greens and growing things but I have none of that. Only concrete and tiles. However having and maintaining a garden takes a lot of hard work. It requires effort to water and weed. Effort and time which I don’t have at the moment. I don’t even have a small patch of grass and I worry that putting potted plants on the tiles will require lots of cleanup of soil residues and leave a mark on the tiles.

Someday, I wish to have a herbs and spices as well as a vegetable garden and lush green plants and flowers too. Flowers of course. My mum loved flowers too. I remember we had carnations and bunga rayas and roses and morning glories and some other dunno what you call them purple flowers which she said you could use the die to make some kuih. After she died the flowers died too.

I think a garden would be nice for the kids too. Its like a life science class to watch the seeds that you plant grow. Cutting the grass would be a nice family activity too. I remember we used to cut the grass with our dad in our small rectangular patch of green grass in our one storey rented house. And dad used to enjoy making bonfires from the tree that grew just outside our house but you can’t make bonfires now of course. Hehe.

Yes, I wish to have a garden someday but that is just a dream for now. Maybe I should start with a small indoor herb garden. Anyone knows how to start one?

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3 thoughts on “I want a Spice Garden

  1. You can plant different herbs in a big pot and leave the pot outside in your concrete ground.

    I’m afraid it will stain my tiles. I’m lazy to cleanup the soil residue on the ground.  So lazy how to plant anything? Hehe.

  2. Make your dream come true. Plant in pot easy to maintain too, place a cover on bottom if u want & get the kids to water them daily. I am sure they love to it!

    Yah lah, I’ve really got to get round to doing it. I’m sure the little ones will love to see something they plant grow.

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