Google Reader Sharing ClipThis post is for those who write sponsored posts and have to maintain several blogs.

Now that you’ve started writing paid posts and maintaining several blogs to maximise your earnings potential, you’ve got to work really hard to maintain those blogs. Your regular visitors are not going to read each and every one of your blogs even if they love you. So how do you make your visitors stay longer? Regular as well as Search Engine Visitors? You link to your own blogs, thats how. (Another reason why you would want to link to your own blogs is to benefit from your own page rankings).

I just discovered that  you can use the Google Reader sharing tool to do this. I read that its a good idea to subscribe to your own blog rss feeds to be indexed or found by the top 3 search engines ie Google, MSN and Yahoo and thats what I’ve done.

After subscribing to my own feed using Google Reader, I can select or deselect recent blog posts from my blogs and share them. I can put a clip of my shared items anywhere I like on my blog. I’ve put them at the end of single posts as well as on my sidebar. You can check out the end of this post if you’re reading this single post or the end of my sidebar if you are on my homepage. (You can check out my Parenting Times blog or Mothering Times blog for more examples.) Visitors can click on any of the post headings that interests them and be directed to my other blogs or they can click “read more” and be directed to a url with all of my shared items there. You can see posts from all of my blogs listed there. There is even an rss feed for my shared items.

You can choose from a number of colored formats you like for your clip. I chose none so it blends seemlessly into my blogs in terms of size and color. You can share anything, not just your blog posts. You can share any link that you like with your friends or relatives by emailing them the url to your shared items or placing them on your blog the way I did.

I simply love Google. I use quite a number of tools in my Google Account. I have Gmail, Blogger and Google Reader. I also use Webmaster Tools and Analytics to monitor my stats. I like the Query Stats in Webmaster Tools. It shows me my top search queries and my average top position on Google search result pages. I subscribe to Google Alerts and I have a personalised iGoogle page. I am using the Beach Theme for my iGoogle and I love it. The sun rises and sets on my desktop according to my time.

This is what I do when I don’t write paid posts. I fiddle around on my blog to see how I can improve it. 🙂

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