My neighbour’s wife (she had better not be reading this) is slim. She drives to work in a luxury car. She wakes up at 5am to jog in the park before going to work. She has two young kids too (just like me) so I have no excuse. Can’t say, thats because she is single and have all the time in the world. Heheh.

That makes me wonder, what does my hubby think of his fat lazy wife who wakes up at 9am who stays at home and yells at the kids all day and continues yelling at them when he gets home. The same wife who complains incessantly about the kids amongst other things to him when he gets home instead of rubbing his feet and listening to his day as he would have imagined a SAHW would do. Hahah.

Tell me women, do you compare yourself with the other woman? Any other woman that is… the woman next door, your colleagues at work, your old girlfriend, the woman at the cashout counter at the supermarket….. C’mon be honest. I’m sure you do. Thats what makes you a woman. Kekekeh.

Next time you catch yourself comparing. Try to win in the competition ok? Say “I’m better because…..” instead of “She’s better because….” I think most of us are overly critical of ourselves and we deserve better. 🙂


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