Do you bother to dress up when you go out?

Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t, depending on my mood.

They say working women don’t like to dress up when they go out casually because they dress up all the time to work.

They say stay-at-home women don’t like to dress up when they go out casually because they’re just too lazy or used to not dressing up.

Hmm… so who does dress up? Lol!

Most of the time I don’t. I’m too lazy. It takes too much effort.

However sometimes if I’m in the mood…. I’ll dress up even if its a trip to the grocers. All nicely made up and waddling about in my high heels. Once I even made up to go to the Pasar Malam (Night Market) minus the high heels of course. Hahaha.

What about you. Do you bother to dress up when you go out cassually? Psst… I’ve heard some say that the best form of dress up is to dress up your face like getting a rhinoplasty for example.

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4 thoughts on “Do you bother to dress up when you go out?

  1. How I long to be able to wear high heels again… Having to run about and carry the kids, is just not practical… don’t even mention wearing short skirt. 🙁

    I have to dress up when go out with my SIL..else I will look like a maid when I’m with them. LOL

    Lol! Ya lah. High heels are sooo impractical with kids. I usually wear those only if I’m going to a sit down dinner. No need to walk around, just sit down. Or to a house where you remove the shoes as soon as you arrive. In both cases, dunno why wear leh?

  2. I went shopping with my working fren one day (after 4 months since giving birth), in her zest at showing me all the new clothes…I had to tell her “aiyoh, why you recommend me all working clothes? you want me to wear a pants suit and high heels to bathe my daughter is it?”..sigh..I guess I could cos after all, I am “working” 😛

    Haha. I’m laughing at the image of you bathing your daughter in pants suit and high heels.

  3. It really depends on where i go. If I go to the church, classy restaurants or hotels and esp. if I’m meeting my friends or relatives, I’ll dress up from head to toe and make sure I still look attractive. But frankly, I still prefer to be in shorts, singlet and flip flops – I feel so much at ease 🙂

    I feel at ease with jeans, t-shirt and sandals. Hehe.

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