What men do when they “entertain”

Ladies, does your man travel and “entertain” a lot at work? If they do, you should AVOID reading Mr Adrian’s post about The Horny Client and the China Dolls (Parts I-III). Yes, there are three parts. He has opened a can of big worms with his candid description of what happens behind those closed karaoke room doors.

Its not very surprising really. Everyone knows what happens. Its an age old problem that wives have when their husbands “entertain”. It happened in my mother’s time so its not something new.

So how do YOU feel about this issue? Personally, I think, putting trust and believe aside, it would be very hard not to doubt your husband if he was always “entertaining”. He may be very devoted to you and the family, but put a hot blooded male in that kind of environment (of hot babes and free flowing alcohol and touches) repeatedly and one day he will “fall” into temptation. Its like putting yourself in a roomful of desserts you love when no one is looking. All the desserts are ready and available to you. Won’t you touch it? I don’t believe a man will say “I’m married” then sit quietly in one corner. He’s not supposed to anyway. He’s supposed to look like he’s enjoying himself because he’s “entertaining” and before he knows it, he will be enjoying himself.

For all the talk about equality and women rising in the corporate ranks, I think women still “lag” behind in this area. Now, wouldn’t it be interesting if the men had to deal with their wives “entertaining” with their lady colleagues in a karaoke lounge with young males who are always ready to show off their hot bods while they are all over them? Now, that is what I call equality.

However, I don’t think such a scene will ever arise. I think its because of the way men and women are different from each other. Men are more visual creatures. Thats why I’ve heard of many women getting a plastic surgery done such as the ones being offered at the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, just to please their men.

For a woman, it has to be the mood, the right person, the connection etc. Women will never get turned on in that sort of situations. It will only make them feel like having a good laugh. Right or not women? Women do it only for charity. Hahaha. See inset picture which I “curi” from The Star’s article: 14 bachelors offered at auction.

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18 thoughts on “What men do when they “entertain”

  1. I’m not married though, I have been with my partner for a long time and truthfully, I wouldn’t mind. I trust her to draw the line as I would as well. Something I’ve learnt from her.

    And the line for us is a thin but very clear one.

    Besides, being in those situations before. I don’t see anything tempting about it because, well I just grew up to see things differently.

    The first man who makes a comment has rekindled my faith that perhaps not all men are like that afterall. Haha. I believe what you said. Very nicely put indeed. Thank you.

  2. so unfair for us eh.. we stay at home watch the kids and they get to enjoy themselves

    Some family men don’t look upon it as enjoyment but as a chore. Kudoes to those rare treasures but it must still be rather tempting…

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  4. I am currently in this situation right NOW! He is in Taiwan/Korea on a business trip. Being practical, i said to him “Honey if you give in to temptation, all I ask is that you PLEASE go to doctor get an STD/HIV test before coming back to me” That’s the least you could do. Very important you don’t “contaminate” me, then we’ll deal with the rest of the emotional stuff later. Kapish?

    Oi! Thats like giving him the green light, woman.

  5. Herd mentality.. put a group of men together, and they embolden each other and do stoooopid stunts which they wouldn’t otherwise if they were alone!! Takes a strong confident man not to be swayed by the antics of his merry band of brothers.. 😛

    Having said that, I am confident mrkat is one of those rare breed. He did tell me in his younger days he went with some contractors to such a place, and frankly he was more repulsed than anything else!! And he is also very kayu.. does not like to bodek people just to get habuan. SO he doesn’t believe in ‘entertaining’!! 😀

    Yes, it really takes a strong confident man to stand against the crowd. How easy it is to go WITH the crowd instead.

  6. LOL! Feel like want to comment something. But don’t know how to begin. haha…

    The worst thing is nowadays those imported China gals is so beautiful… Charm lah! haha…

    Slim, tall with hair like in shampoo ads….. but Adrian says, Ipoh girls more beautiful. Haha.

  7. Which cat doesn’t eat fish?

    I used to get all worked about issues like these. But now, the less I know, the better. 🙂

    Who ask you to marry Businessman? Marry lah accountant like 5xmom.

  8. I still get angry about issues like these! I think I will only get over it by ending the whole relationship with him and stay unattached for the rest of my life. hehe

    Sometimes when children are involved its not so simple leh?

  9. well….what can I say. Men are fr Mars, Woman fr Venus :). I think their subconscious is not there when they are all steamy hot, whereas we always set a barrier. That is why I’m more than glad that he’s domestic flight and no stay over…u know lah, flight attendants..sigh…

    Yah yah. Agree with you.

  10. Sigh…which means I will still continue to jump on issues like these. Either he stop it or I will end it one day. (donno when the day will come lah) Well, it is always easier said than done.

    Have you had a talk with him about it?

  11. I’m lucky that though my man is in the industry that requires some entertaining, he draws a line where he does not entertain after office hours if he could help it. I am ok with occassional functions but this is where trust place an important part.

    Psst psst…sometimes snooping a little to look for clues can be helpful too. Muar ha ha…

    Pandai pandai snoop snoop if find something dat time, how?

  12. You wouldn’t believe it! I don’t really look for clues when I trust him but “someone up there” will just always drop some. One of the example, I don’t have the habit of looking at his credit card statement for years. But the day when I look thur, I saw something funny. And that’s the only statement of so many years which is fishy.

    Of cos, when I got first clue, I will start to get paranoid and only put a stop when no more clues can be found for at least 6 months! hehehe

    I know ignorance can be a bliss… I would like to be one of them too, but that “someone up there” always saboh me leh! *faint*

    Have you confronted (perhaps discussed would be a better word) with him about the something fishy?

  13. Err…My husband is not businessman either.
    Btw, not all accountants are ‘guai guai’ type also.

    Hahaha. You are right. Accountant, or whatever, its all up to the man. Although if they are in the line that does not require “entertainment” then theres less reason or excuse to do so.

  14. haha.. Of cos I did.. I just can’t keep it to myself and I haven’t attain those one eye open the other close kungfu leh.. 😛 Anyway, I try to put the past behind me and carry with our life….

    I dunno how anyone can attain the one eye close kungfu.

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