Beware when women fight

I worked for a lady boss once. Lets call her Boss #1. After some years the lady boss was joined by a lady partner. We’ll call her Boss #2. Boss #1 and Boss #2 got along really well at first. Both of them were women with strong personalities.

I don’t know what happened but their relationship turned sour soon after that. One day it turned so bad that they had a fight and that was the end of the partnership. Boss #1 kicked Boss #2 out. Bye bye. Sayonara. Chai Chien.

I had never seen women fight before. That was the first time. It was so ugly I got a shock that my species could behave so badly! They called each other the foulest names I ever heard. They accused each other of really surprising things I did not imagine of either of them. (Like “I’m going to sue you for CBT” “You man stealer you!” etc) And then they spat on each other! Two grown women! And then Boss #1 chased Boss #2 down the stairs and told her not to come back. I think if there was a broom around she would have used that!

I lost my respect for both of them. It was shameful. Even more shameful because they were in positions of authority. They should have remembered that and carried themselves better. Their only excuse must have been they were really angry, ENRAGED would be the better word I suppose, for them to lose control like that.

Have you ever seen women fight? Have you ever been in a fight?

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6 thoughts on “Beware when women fight

  1. Don’t really like to fight or quarrel, coz I’m not good at it, and my skin so thin.

    Except with my DH, we don really fight, just quarrel. But the next day, things get alright again.

    Used to have this quarrel with this best pal of mine on our 1119 exam day. But after that we were alright again. Then we also both had a crush for this same guy during college time, but it didn’t last long. So silly.

    But we are still good friends today, looking out for each other, and keeping in touch. 🙂

    How nice to have a friendship that lasts through the years and through thick and thin like that. I am sure you treasure it. 🙂

  2. LOL, don’t start another blog topic. Puhlezzzz…I am so tempted to crap. But nope, I don’t fight with women because even if I am right, I will be pulled down to the ‘two women fighting’ level. But I have shouted and bang the table at my HR GM. And got a standing ovation for that from my colleagues. Plus respects from the bosses.

    However, I have seen women tear each other c*ba*s because the mistress and wife confronted each other.

    Tell the table banging story lah puhlezzzz.

  3. Yeah, I also want to read about the table banging story.

    The worst is when a wife confronts a mistress/china dolls. And the wife arrived with her gang of si lais!

    Eh, you see before ah

  4. wow to lilian’s astute observation…i wonder how these women reached the other c*ba*s…

    drama!’s nicer to see women fight, then men. Men…too scary..what with blood and thanks!

    Just bend over and reach loh. Hahaha.

  5. Have not seen women fighting in real life but only in movies. Would love to watch a real fight though but no blood please, cannot tahan blood.

    Woman fight no blood one, only hair pulling.

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