After Ratatouille, some may want to polish up their culinary skills with culinary schools like CSCA. Some may be inspired to follow their passion for food and go into the career of their dreams in the hospitality and food industry.

As for me, what has Ratatouille done for me? It has increased my sense of smell and tastes. Hahaha. Drat or should I say Rats! Now everytime I want to combine certain foods like garlic or onions or ginger, I try to think of the aroma and how the food combination will turn out.

As some of you may notice, recently I’ve started blogging about food and shared some recipes on this as well as some other blogs whereas I have hardly blogged about food at all in the past three years that I have been blogging. Thats what Ratatouille has done to me. What has Ratatouille done to you? Has it turned you into a food connoisseur or a food critique?

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