Playing with Fire

Playing with lanterns and candle fire of course. What did you think? Hehe.

Its lantern festival today so we’ll be taking the kids to the park to play with fire. This is the only time they get to officially play with fire so they love it.

I still remember my childhood and the time I played with fire. We used to have this steel gate and we would “decorate” the entire gate with candle light. It was so lovely. Sometimes, we would walk to the park near our house with our lighted lanterns.

I don’t think our parents accompanied us. But then it was safer then. How carefree and simple life was. Now, parents live in fear and paranoia. Allowing our children to walk unaccompanied to the nearby park in the dark is a no-no. Oh, I won’t go into all that although I have many unspoken things in my mind. Enough has been said.

Its lantern festival afterall. So lets have fun, stuff ourselves with mooncake and let the kids enjoy the only time they get to play with fire.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival to those who celebrate it.

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8 thoughts on “Playing with Fire

  1. Happy Mid Autumn Festival to u too.

    When i was younger we used to use the pomelo skin and use it as pot, then my notty brother will boil sand with water and put cacing, lipas and whatever he can find in it! Ekks!

    Is pomelo used a lot during the festival?

  2. I didn’t get to do all that when I was young, coz I stayed in a shophouse.

    Anyway, hopefully next year I can do it with my kids…heheheh…

    In the midst of persuading my dad to move up to his house which is nearby my in-laws, so next year we can have the celebration at his place… hee heee… being thinking about it sometimes back… 🙂

    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

    PS: I sent you an invitation to your gmail, regarding this BlogRush. Seem useful. Hope you don’t mind.

    No, I don’t mind. However, I’ve registered and put the widget on my blogs. Only its too wide for this one. I wrote to them to find out if there was a  plan for a smaller one but no reply. 🙁

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  4. Not sure about the size, but they did mention something about the widget skin colour, which is expected to come in a few days.

    The color is here and its easy to change to but they mentioned that they are noting the size problem but its not resolved yet. 🙁 I didn’t notice any big jump in my traffic but I did receive a couple of click throughs. How about you?

  5. I saw some small increase in feed stat and some visits & pageviews from Google Ananlytics & MBL, a few came from from blogrush.

    But since yesterday, I couldn’t really see the stat in their Dashboard. According to their blog, seems like they are having some hiccups in their system and they’re doing some maintainance.

    Here’re some articles you may want to check out:

    Thanks for the links. 🙂

  6. It’s funny how most of us actually enjoy playing with fire and candles, more than the lantern itself. I guess it’s more exciting huh? I used to light up candles and arrange them on the floor, into shapes… needless to say, they leave messy hardened wax on the cement floor the next morning!

    Removing the wax was fun too what. Lol!

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