How did I get here as a SAHM? Well, after school I did a professional course in a school which offered various programs such as the ones being offered at When I completed that, I worked in an accounting firm with legal partners doing company searches and company registrations, and the necessary filings with the Registrar of Companies for corporations. It was BORING! Nope I didn’t want to be a Company Secretary (a corporate or legal secretary, not a personal one, the term is misleading) even though I had the professional qualification to be one.

After some time I moved on to the training line. I loved that. I didn’t do training because I don’t think I have what it takes but I organised training, in-house training for corporations, seminars and conferences. It was an exciting job. I got to meet people in all industries and levels and talk to them. I got to travel a little bit. I even had a company car. I was young, single and free! Hahaha. It was fantastic. However, you don’t move up very far in a consultation firm unless you set up your own.

After failing to set up my own I moved on to become a remisier. Now that was the most boring and most exciting job. On low activity months you can even hear a pin drop and you see bored faces sitting at their desktops playing with the solitaire card game over and over again. Too bad I hadn’t discovered blogging back then. So I did my cross stitch during those bad market days. Lots of people came and went. (as remisiers I mean). There were housewives, accountants, HR personnel, bank managers, businessmen, school leavers, army personnel, young and old, men and women. Many did not last the slow period.

On the hot market days, it was the opposite. Instead of hearing a pin drop, I remember my phones (I had two lines plus a handphone) ringing simultaneously. Everyone else’s phones would be doing the same. It would be extremely noisy like a market place. (In fact it is a market place. Haha.) The volatile share price swings is something to behold and the speed in which the price responded to news was incredible. My heart would be pounding then. Can’t afford to be slow or to make mistakes. Mistakes can be VERY costly. Phew!

Exciting though it may have been it wasn’t my cup of tea. I got married and had babies during my time in a stockbroking firm and so now here I am, a SAHM. Oh make that a blogging SAHM. Haha. I love this career too.

I love being a mum and I love to write. Now I get to do both. Thats the short story of my career line. How about sharing yours with me? You can share it on your blog if there is not enough space on the comment box. 🙂

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