This morning when I logged into my Paypal account to accept my payments I was surprised to see that out of the several payments from various sources that I received today, some showed the status of “complete” even though I hadn’t pressed the accept button yet. So I immediately wrote to support.

However as I was accepting my first payment, upon completion, I saw that the rest turned into the “complete” status even though I hadn’t accepted them yet. So I had to write another email to support.

I read that Malaysians can now receive Adsense payments via direct transfer to our bank accounts and Paypal payments with the  use of debit/credit cards with some local banks. That is great news. As usual, I will wait for the big big tai kor and tai soh to carry out their transactions before I try out. Hehe.

Anyway, back to Paypal, has anyone had this problem before? I wonder if there is a bug in the system or there is unauthorised use of my account. What a lousy way to start a day.

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