How I lost more than 10 pounds

I’m currently off 20 pounds from my peak weight. Some of them came off naturally after childbirth but it took a looooong time. I was still wearing my maternity clothes way after my children were born.

People told me that breastfeeding will make me lose weight but that was not the case for me. For the record, I did not breastfeed to lose weight. Haha. Anyway, breastfeeding made me gain weight. I was so hungry I ate all the time. I ate more than I usually did and this became a bad habit. I ate without feeling guilty because I had good excuse to eat. Breastfeeding!

To cut a long story short, when I finally decided to lose weight, I lost it by…

  • cutting down on my rice
  • eating less of everything
  • eating from a smaller plate
  • making a concious decision about what I eat during meals
  • eating more meals in a day but in less portions
  • drinking water instead of other drinks

Everytime I ate, I stopped to think twice about what I eat and I would select the less fattening. I would stop before I felt too full, meaning I stopped overeating. Its so easy to overeat by enjoying all the foods you love but afterwards you feel bloated and uncomfortable so why do it. I made a concious decision to stop even though I felt like having some more.

Doing this made me hungry sometimes, but whenever I felt my stomach rumbling, I would snack on something small to ease that hunger so that I won’t overeat at the next meal.

After a while, when people started noticing the weight loss, it became easier and easier to lose because that itself was a motivation. But I became lazy…. and stuck.

So now begins my new weight loss journey again so that I will have nicer looking arms, reduce the thunder thighs and have a smaller tummy (It will always be there but at least I hope to reduce the tummy size! I’ve always had a tummy even when I was thin. *grumble grumble*)

I exercise 3-4 times a week for 20-30 minutes for health reasons but to me, its the reduction in food that does it. However exercise helps in the sense that you must think about input and output. If your food input is higher than your energy output, then naturally that equals FAT! So if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you have to make sure you eat less and move around more. Its simple common sense.

There is no need to count calories or go on some special diet and there is no need to deprive yourself. Go ahead and treat yourself sometimes but in smaller portions.

I hope these tips helps…

Another tip for the ladies I linked above. As a start, you’ve got to go and try out all your pretty old clothes in your cupboard that no longer fit, go shopping for clothes that are too small for you and ogle at models. Then each time you reach for the food, you will think of that and this post and stop yourself. Hahaha! 

So, who else is joining me?

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6 thoughts on “How I lost more than 10 pounds

  1. Thanks for tips but 🙁 I reli got no self control lar, yesterday when I say ya ya wanna join dat was easy becoz just pinish dinner nia, then today see moon cake so nice, eat one whole moon cake, diet boh liao.

     Oi! Mooncake Festival over adi lah! If want to join must have extreme self control otherwise kenot succeed then 5 months later I send you pic of slim arms dat time you sure regret. Muahahahaha.

  2. Thanks for the tips. I start going to gym twice a week, but found myself eating more after exercise :p.
    Got to ask my maid not to cook so yummy food for me, if not I unable to control myself but to whack it all (lol)

    Just ask the maid to cook less loh so you can still eat yummy food. The thing is we shouldn’t deprive ourselves otherwise we cannot keep it up because its too hard. Hehe.

  3. I wanna join, I wanna join u too!!! same case for me, breastfeeding for more than a year doesnt help much on loosing weight. Instead i so kiasi not enuf bm that i have been eating even more 🙁

    Yah, me too. I kiasi not enuf bm that is. 🙂

  4. Me Me. I put on 10 kgs over the past 5 years w/o child bearing or brestfeeding, it’s not really a lot if you average out over 5 years, but hor, i need to LOSE weight to fit in those pretty clothes! 🙂

    You wanna lose all the 10kg? Hehe.

  5. Well done ;D I have also lost about 5 kg from watching my diet 😀 Now, I can fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans again. Hope I can maintain it.

    Wow! Well done. Envy. Envy. I’m sure it took a lot of hard work and determination and you can keep it up. 🙂

  6. well, i thought i can loose weight easily by breastfeeding,now i know i have to do much more..thank you..

    Breastfeeding really does make some lose weight easily but not me unfortunately. Perhaps you would be one of those lucky ones?

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