The other day I got a call from the gynae’s office reminding me to go for my pap smear. Bleargh! I complain but I really should get round to it soon for my own good. And my girl looks like she needs a visit to the dentist soon. Her new front teeth has come in and the old one refuses to drop off so she’s got two rows of teetch. Hmm….

And of course, my routine doctor’s visit is due too. I remember how I agonised over it. I’m calmer now but I still don’t look forward to it. My doctor’s visit is the only time I get to “pak tor” with hubby as we send the kids to a relative so they don’t have to endure the boring wait but most importantly we don’t want them to overhear some of the discussion and become scared and worried about something they do not understand. Otherwise we usually take them with us everywhere we go.

I’ll try not to be so anxious over this doctor’s visit because I remember my over anxiousness turned my “pak tor” session into a disaster the last time. Hubby was just as anxious as me. Its a long story but the gist of it is I forgot something important about the medication and from holding hands (which is rare and strange these days because the kids are always around) to the doctor’s office, we left there with me crying sorry tears for myself and telling him that he shouldn’t nag me and he wasn’t the one who was sick to him telling me that being sick does not mean you are king.

A stranger reading this may think hubby is mean for telling me that but he is not. Its just that the previous appointment was so hyped up by our over anxiousness and because we are so different in nature. Hubby is the type who is very diligent, practical, efficient must do everything on the spot kinda guy whereas I’m the no-brainer in the family, always dreamy, emotional and impulsive. Our differences make it difficult for us to understand each other sometimes. Sometimes I think he’s the sweetest, bestest hubby in the world but sometimes I get so mad at him. Reminds me of the saying “Sometimes you’re the bug, sometimes you’re the windshield.” 😉

I hope to get these appointments over with and out of the way so that I don’t have them hanging over my head.

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