My doctor’s appointment was made 3 months ago when I saw him last so since its the holiday season I decided to call up to make sure that he was not going on leave or something like that.

MG: Hello, I’m calling to reconfirm my doctor’s appointment

Reception: When is you appointment? (Sounding busy and hassled)

MG: Friday

Reception: Ok. Just come lah!!!!

MG: I would like to check to make sure the doctor is not on leave

Reception: Which doctor are you seeing? (Sounding very irritated)

MG: Dr X

Reception: Wait!!

A moment later……

Reception: What is your name and card number

MG: MG. Card No. 123

Reception: Your appointment is here. Bye! *toot toot toot* (Sound of phone being hung up!)

She hung up the phone without giving me a chance to say anything further. She never ever answered my question of whether the doctor will be on leave. Sure I know my appointment is there on paper or on the computer screen. The appointment was made 3 months ago and I am sure it is on the records but records can be wrong. I didn’t want my husband to take leave or rush back from work and then we rush to send the kids over to a relatives before rushing to the clinic only to be told that the doctor had gone on leave. Sigh!

Sometimes its like that with busy specialists. Their time is so important that you are told to just come… and they see you on a first come first serve basis. So the reception’s first reaction must have been. “What for you call? Just come lah!” On the other hand, the last time, I was told to “Come before *a certain time* otherwise if there is no patient, the doctor will leave.” (even though there had been a prior appointment made!) Hmmm… seems like their time is important but yours is not. The doctor does not wait for the patient but you have to wait for hours to see him.

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