Piano Practise at home

This is an example of what usually happens when I am practising songs on my piano.

*tinkle tinkle tinkle*

The boy: Mummy, I want to umm mmm (poo)

*tinkle tinkle tinkle*

The girl: Mummy, can I sit here? (points to the piano chair)

*tinkle tinkle tinkle*

The boy: One more song only ok, mummy? (with a rather sad look on his face)

*tinkle tinkle tinkle*

The girl: Where are you playing now? (Points to the page on the piano songbook)

*tinkle tinkle tinkle* 

The boy: Mummy, why so long?

*tinkle tinkle tinkle*

The girl & The boy: *puff puff* (blowing air and saliva all over the piano keys)

MG: What are you all doing?!?

The girl & The boy: We’re helping you to clean the dust from the piano, mummy.

*no more tinkle* *pulls hair* instead!

Don’t know why everytime I try to practise songs on the piano, or trying to exercise etc, they suddenly want to go to the toilet, feel more thirsty then ever etc. AAAAARRRGGH! *Thumps chest*


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7 thoughts on “Piano Practise at home

  1. LOL lidat wan ler, next time before you sit down, ask them if they need to poo or pee or eat or watever, then after they do all that then tell them mummy gonna play piano for 20 minute now, pls do your own ting. Hehe

    Well, I usually try to play when they are eating. That way they will be a bit busy doing their own ting. Hehe.

  2. they want u to stop playing la! hahahahah

    Yah. They want me to stop playing everytime I play. Like dat how? Afterwards piano teacher scold me for not practising. Hehe.

  3. Hi! I’ve tumbled onto your site from a new reader on mine. Thought of being a lurker but realised how I hated it on my blog so just to let u know I’m reading.. *am not a wierd dangerous stranger btw* (Safe for children, hahhaha sometimes)

    I’d like to bookmark you for a while for some reading.. 🙂 Happy Parenting! Keep Sane!

    Hi. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Thanks for reading. Thanks for bookmarking me. Thanks for letting me know you’re not a dangerous stranger. Hahaha.

  4. why u still tinkle tinkle? give them poo poo first then can continue tinkle tinkle lor.. my kids oso like that one..keeps on disturbing me

    Eh, of course its poo poo then oni tinkle tinkle. How can no give them poo poo first?

  5. They cannot tahan you banging on the keys, probably the music’s too awful for them. hahaha….. They want your attention lah. You should teach them to play so all of you can play the piano together!

    I’m teaching them math and science and english etc etc. I think I’ll leave the piano for the music teacher. Haha!

  6. hahahha… the bliss of being a mom… dont complain 🙂

    Oh yes, its so blissful being a mom. Its so blissful, and quiet and peaceful at home. Hahaha!

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