We had a long weekend due to an extra day off on Monday for the Hari Raya. So what do you do on long weekends and holidays? Why you eat, eat, eat and eat thats what! Chey!

There goes my resolve to lose 5 pounds in 5 months. After 2 weeks of trying really hard to eat less whilst maintaining my exercise routine and watching the weighing machine stay at the same weight each time I step on it, the weights have moved at last. In the other direction after only 3 days of eating out!

Sigh! Must be really getting old. Metabolism rate is really slow. Eat like a pauper for 2 weeks then eat like an emperor for 3 days and this is what happens! Must start all over again now. Nevermind, I shall not give up, nor shall I be disheartened. The holiday is over and so is the weight gain…… I hope!

I wonder how the others are doing. How are you all doing? Rachel, Anucia, Firehorse, Chinee and Leah? Any good news to report?

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