Chronic Headaches

I have been having chronic headaches. I get these headaches everytime I wake up from sleep whether its nighttime sleep or an afternoon nap. The headaches don’t feel painful but rather my head feels very heavy, a bit like hangover headaches I think. Its not much fun to feel this way almost daily.

I have a CT Scan scheduled to make sure there is nothing wrong with my head. And so I sit here and face my greatest fear as a mother again. Its just a routine test (I’ve done it before) but I’m still kiasi. Yes, I am really kiasi one. I was never this way till I became a mother. I think all parents have this kiasi feelling. It is a feeling that comes out of love for our children. Whether they are still little like mine or they are all grown up we always want to be around for them to look after them and make sure they are alright.

On the bright side, I think I’ve started to spot now. Phew! My period was late and I was really worried about getting pregnant (now that I’m on medications) even though we both long for another child.

I’m still not in a very good mood today plus I had a tiff with the hubby over some issues. I was very mad at him for saying some rather hurtful things and he was mad at me too but I’m not mad anymore. Somehow I can’t stay mad at him for long …..

How should I cheer myself up? I think I will go and write some money paying posts, then play some color mixing with the kids then go watch the King and I and sing and dance with the kids. Yes, thats what I’ll do. 

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5 thoughts on “Chronic Headaches

  1. Hey, take care. I know exactly how you feel cos last week I felt like that about my health too. Btw, would you consider using TCM to treat your problems?

    No, not really.

  2. Hope everything will turn out o.k. for you.

    Just think positive and cheer up. I know it’s difficult to say than do but have to.

    I’m kiasi too, especially after I’ve become a mother.

    That’s why I’ve been doing a lot of financial planning for my daughter, the baby and my husband.

    Of course I hope I can be with them as long as possible.

    Financial planning is good, at whatever age. 🙂

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