Where are my friends?

It would seem that the older I get, the less friends I have. Hahaha. Now, shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t one accumulate more and more friends as they grow older?

That is not the case with me. I’ve had many good friends in the past. Girly girly friends of whom we used to giggle and do silly stuff together. Where are they now? I mean seriously, where are they? I have no idea. Sadly quite a lot of friends have come in and out of my life. Not many stay.

Theres this girl which I used to be very close to in college. We went everywhere together and were like peas in a pod but where is she now I wonder. After marriage and kids she disappeared! Then there was this group of girls whom I used to go out for drinks with. They’ve disappeared too. All but one but we’re not very close now as well. Hmm…

Then there are the past colleagues and no need to talk about primary school or secondary school days. Those are long gone. During those days, we moved around (as in change schools and state) quite often, perhaps a bit too often to make lasting friendships.

I really feel it on festival dates. My phone won’t beep as it used to. Now whats left are internet friends who really are rather like ships that meet in the night and of course my dear hubby and sweet sisters. They are my everlasting friends. 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Where are my friends?

  1. Like me, moved around too much .. friends dont’ stay too

    Me moved around a lot because dad whose retired now used to be in the police force. Always kena transfer here and there. Hehe.

  2. I have the same feeling like you too, after married and have kids all my friends disappear. Most of my schoolmate still un-marry, sometimes they do call me for drink, but you know la with kids around our time are not flexible, so sooner all disappear. Now my best friends is my sons, my maid and my hubby lol, and my laptop and internet which allow me to connect with you all buddies out there lol…

    After marriage and kids (theirs and mine) all my girlfriend kaki kaki and gang gang sudah dispersed. Lol!

  3. Eh wa see hami lai? Em see fren ah? Hehe you are gonna hate me for dis but I still have all my friends from primary to secondary to college to working days semua still around wor now add internet fren some more, Kekekekeke, *faster run away be4 mg bonk me on the head*

    *bonk bonk bonk* Buden hor the fact that I attended several schools and changed schools (and states) every year from age 15 onwards didn’t help much to sustain friendships.

  4. Actually your situation is kinda true for me too but I am also beginning to understand that the very few friends I have are friends that I know are still my friends tho’ we hardly meet or keep in touch. This is esp the case where most of my friends are in a different state from me. I guess in certain friendships, the bond that was built years ago will always be there even though we seem to be so pre-occupied with our own lives. If and and we meet, my friends and I could easily go back to those good ole’ days.

    Oops btw, you have been tagged – err 4 tags (okay thousand apologies, don’t throw stones at me).

    I just found an old friend an I’m happy to pick up from where we left off. Hmm.. the 4 tag, I think I’ve done before but I’ll check it out when free. *throws banana skins*

  5. different channel edi ma… i wonder where are all my friends too..

    Why must change channel leh? Speaking about channel, congratulations for being on tv channel. So good you look, kaki terkangkang and all. Hahaha.

  6. me like u too. I move around a lot. Not just chg school, chg country somemore. Primary sch, sec school, u all diff. country. Dunno where everyone is edi. 🙂

    Whoa, change country summore, lagi worse.

  7. I osso no frens here wor. Blogging is a great way of making virtual friends whom one can relate to better than the tangible ones in UK.

    All my friends are in Malaysia and Aust. In UK, kosong!

    Haha. Your frens all so far far away hor.. far physically but not at heart. 🙂

  8. same to me but i am sure u’ll get more frens..with the same interest

    Yes, friends come and friends go .. with the times .. and different stages.. of your life.

  9. Ya.. ! i think it is sad.. that friends drift apart.. and it can get very lonely at times.. coz’ you need more than your children and your spouse… to interact with at times.. and to share silly stuff with .. that a g/f or friend would understand.. 🙁

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