My veins are small

And so I finally got my CT Scan done. They did two. One normal and in the second they injected some coloured liquid into me so that can see better. The doctor in attendance poked me 3 times to find the right place to inject the fluid. 3 times! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! So painful! Cost around RM650. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! This time sakit hati pulak. Sakit tangan, sakit kepala and sakit hati.

“You punya salur semua kecik kecik” she said. Not her fault for poking me 3 times. Happens all the time, each time I go for a blood test or whatever that requires the needle. Always kena poke many many times before they get it right. I must have really small veins. Can’t say the same of myself though.

One month is up and I haven’t lost anything yet in my lose 5 pounds in 5 months project. Haiyah! Such poor self control I have.

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  1. sharlydia says:

    haha, then i guess i have BIG veins! coz each time when i donate blood, the nurse will say :”wah dik, salur darah u jelasnya!”…hahaha

    Ooooh you lucky gal you, no need to kena cucuk many many times. Lol!

  2. Wen says:

    eh..may i know why did u go for ur CT scan ah?? u alrite?

    Wen, the answer to that question is hidden somewhere deep deep down in my blog.  Hahaha. Like riddle like that hor.

  3. Rachel says:

    *Shake hand* We are gang! I also the same like u, must kena poked few times, got once even kena poked at left and right hand also can not, then the nurse ask me do some exercise then poke again..sob sob so ‘cham’..
    I think is lack of exercise maybe.

    Left hand change to right hand, then say change needle sometimes even change personnel before getting it right. Ouch!

  4. sasha says:

    3 times…sakit sakit sakit, Badan Sakit semua sakit. wallet pun sakit wei!

    Eh yr veins smaller so harder to loose weight mah….*run fasf fast*

    If only la….

  5. deana says:

    ct scan need to be poked? that’s new. hmm, also have small vein..last time 5 times poked..i know the feeling very well.

    Well, it depends, the kena poked one just gives a clearer picture in layman’s language.

  6. Vien says:

    I think they are making excuses for doing such a terrible job at inserting the needle. My mom always get that excuse. I got that too. I remember being poked 3-4 times just to have my blood drawn for HepB test (that was in Assunta Hospital).

    You know, you might be right. Once, after trying a few times, they called in another fella and said “No worries, he sure get it right one” and he did.

  7. eastcoastlife says:

    Ouch! Lucky me, I got big veins and big everything, so easy to find! kakaka…. I’m glad everything’s ok with you. Have to have regular check-ups for the sake of our kids. 🙂

    Big boobs and big bum too izzit. Lol!

  8. WMD says:

    I sama like you also. When I go for blood test, I would silently wish the nurse good luck in finding a vein to poke.

    Hahaha. Yes, I also do the silent wish thing.

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