So everyone is affected by the recent google page rank revamp. Semua kena demotion. Lol! Nevermindlah, sama sama turun. It merely means that everyone has come down a step or two. It would matter if you were the only one affected though but since everyone, even the big boys are affected, its really no big deal.

I tried to check my page rank using a page rank checking tool so the first thing I did was to google “google page rank checker”. These are the top 3 that came out from my search results.

  1. Blogflux
  2. PRChecker
  3. Checkpagerank

I tried to check my google page rank for this blog using all the 3 tools above. The first one showed a PR of 4, the second one showed a PR of 2, the third one showed a PR of 3. Hmmm… I guess some of them are not quick enough to adjust their formula to show the latest results. They showed varying results for my other blogs as well. Was happy for a while thinking that I was not affected when I tried the blogflux tool. Lol!

Previously, I used to have one blog with PR4 and two others with PR5. After a revamp was demoted to PR4 for all. Now it looks like another demotion leaving me with 3, 2, 2. To me, this second round of revamp does not make a difference to me. It made a difference when I went down from PR5 to PR4.

PR is just a number. So who cares? I’ll just blog on as usual. How about you?

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