My losing weight loss battle

I do more of this……


and this….


much more than this…


I’d still rather eat this….


and this…..


and this……


rather than this….


So when I step on the scales….


This is what greets me…..


Errr…. malu to say that my lose 5 pounds in 5 months resolution is not errr…. showing any results so far. Bleargh!

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8 thoughts on “My losing weight loss battle

  1. I did everything u did, so u can guess the result.:-)
    Sometime the weight problem could be due to hormone that goes hay wire.
    I found the possible scapegoat.:-)Doctor said I might have thyroid(pending blood test) and that could be the reason I kept putting on weight when it’s hypo.

    I’m taking medications that could lead to weight gain but so far, I think my weight gain is due to my lack of or poor self control. 😛

  2. Hey, at least you lost some weight. 😛 Love the pics you have in this…

    I didn’t lose any weight la… but at least I haven’t gain … yet. Hehe.

  3. Hallo! I am very very sure u r much slimmer then shown on the weight mechine! I think the weight mechine is ‘rosak’. U can use my weight mechine if u like! It always show ‘good’ reading wan! Even a 200kg sumo use it, it just show a reading of 65kg!!!
    Have a nice day!

    Oooh! I like your weighing machine. Do you have a slimming mirror to go with it?

  4. just keep the resolution going, it will “blink” u one day, then suddenly u’ll feel like doing alot more exercises & eat healthy food! haha…

    Blink. Blink. Today, I shall do more exercises and eat healthy food because Sharlydia says so. Hehe.

  5. Don’t give up! U can do it!

    Come, come, let’s go for some nasi lemak! 😛

    Thank you for helping me to add oil to my no oil diet. We’ll have nasi lemak AFTER the chee cheong fun you owe me.

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