Google PR vs Izea RealRank – “Gajah sama Gajah berjuang, Pelanduk mati di tengah-tengah”

Saya hanya seekor Pelanduk, lagi pun Pelanduk betina pula, jadi apabila Gajah (Google) sama Gajah (PPP etc) berjuang, saya pun mati lah di tengah-tengah. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Kesiannya Pelanduk betina ni. Literally translated, this Malay idiom means that when Elephants wage war against each other, Deers die in the midst.

Enuf said. Thats my view of the World Wide Web World War going on right now. Google the big brother on the internet, in its action to slap all sites with paid links by taking away their PR has declared war. In response, PPP is charging on ahead with its first frontline defense, ie. RealRank and later on SocialSpark, come January.

Amidst this great war, the poor “Pelanduk” (Deer=Small time blogger trying to earn some moolahs) dies a quick death (if you surrender) or a slow death (due to lack of jobs). Take your pick. Neither sounds like a good choice. Even if you choose to sit back and do nothing but watch the war (as I have chosen to do), there is still the dark cloud of King Google removing you completely from its index handing over your head. (Horror of horrors!) Then you are kaput for good.

Well, my PR is gone now and I’ve just got my RealRank so now I sit back and see what’ll happen next. Will PPP be able to convince advertisers that RealRank is the real thing? Will Google take the next step that is feared by all ie removal of sites with paid links from its index? Will I get more jobs, assignments, campaigns or whatever it is you want to call it again?

Izea has this to say about its RealRank.

“Your numbers may change from increased participation and competition, however your numbers aren’t going to change because we decide we don’t like the content on your blog or the ad units you are serving from a competitor.”

Taking a stab at Google perhaps?

We don’t really know what Google’s real intention is. Are they really trying to maintain their search relevancy or are they just taking out ad units served by competitors? Maybe both but dear Google you are hurting a lot of real people like my goodself here. I work really hard at trying to become a WAHM from a SAHM (meaning housewife trying to earn some little pocket money to supplement her one income family). I work really hard at keeping my blog content fresh and original. Even my paid links content are original, fresh and new. That deserves a good PR.

If you want to go after sites, go after those that have nothing accept paid links within their content. Go after the content stealers, those that steal my blog posts just as soon as it is published. Those are the ones with duplicate postings that hurt your search engine results with duplicate content and are nothing but spam. But who am I to say anything. I am just a small “pelanduk betina” and you are the big “Gajah” so I just sit here and blog as usual and wait for things to improve or die a slow death.

BTW, my RealRank for my blogs is around 1-2k. These numbers will change daily as it is calculated daily. What does this mean? At the moment RealRank is open only to PPP registered users but it will be open to the public eventually. So if 50,000 PPP users have real rank installed, that means I am doing fine but if say only 3,000 has RealRank then I am somewhere near the bottom, something like that. What is your RealRank?

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8 thoughts on “Google PR vs Izea RealRank – “Gajah sama Gajah berjuang, Pelanduk mati di tengah-tengah”

  1. 53 for MalaysiaBest
    55 for my personal blog
    181 for Food Haven
    268 for Mom’s Daily
    The biggest number is my Faith Journey at 2,800
    But don’t get depressed sinnnn…I never write on MsiaBest, I had tiu-ed PPP on my personal blog. So, left all the little pelanduks. Hahaha,
    Anyway, with Asian segmentation, we were dead long ago already. This RealRank will make us dead-er only.

    Nice numbers. Lets hope it translates to increased assignments. I don’t want to be deader than dead. Haha.

  2. One more tip, try to work on your organic traffic. Even my Karma Kameleon, (nay my crappy blogspot?) got 1K plus. It depends on organic only. Good contents are craps now. They only attract our regular readers which have short attention span and very hard to please. Like Samm put it aptly, contents are craps (not king anymore)

    To increase organic, know what are some of the keywords ppl found you and keep writing around that topic, changing your contents but around the same keywords. With time, your site will be the magnet.

    Oh so thats what organic traffic is all about. I keep on writing about kiddy crafts on my other blog because thats where all the searches come from, the other blog keep on getting searches about pregnancy but how much can I write about pregnancies???? And as for this, well, this is my Rojak blog, everything goes. Haha. But thanks for the tips. I shall perservere.

  3. Hey.. MG,
    For google to do what they did.. with the pagerank.. especially so near to Christmas .. is so cruel. There are many single moms that i know depending on their PR to make some extra money to put food on the table.. and heat going. Winter is here.. and it’s gonna be really tough for those kid .. whose moms are affected.. big time.
    I am not afraid .. to say that PPP and other advertisers have treated me well. .and fairly.. and for me to ditch them.. just because the Big Boys.. decided they donch want to share the pie.. is not right. It would almost make me ungrateful.
    Like you said.. Google should go after those.. who only have blogs for paid post.. or those not even quality ones. As for folks that really work hard to maintain a great blog.. like yours.. i think it is REALLY UNFAIR that you got stripped of your rank.
    We’ve put many years of good writing .. into our blogs.. with or without paid/sponsored blogging.. i’m sure.. you and I will keep up our blog.
    I’m very disappointed.. to see some bloggers reaction towards this whole issue.. mainly because .. i strongly feel that one shouldn’t run away from a problem.. but face it head on.
    I donch know the future of paid blogging.. but i know that PPP is doing its utmost.. to make this work not only for themselves.. but for folks like me.. and mine.
    Again.. i have to say.. PPP and other advertisers have treated me very well. Even till today. Yes.. of course suxs.. that Google wants to act like a spoilt brat.. but i’m not giving up.. because if i do.. the other mummy bloggers.. who are actually writing to help out the family with bills are only gonna be demoralized. Nope .. i am not being noble.. i just have a backbone. Some women do not have the luxury.. of depending on their spouse.. to support them.. these are the women folks who worked very hard.. to make an honest living. I do not see it as being a cheat.. or trying to cheat Google as they called it.
    I donch hate Google.. but i will not entertain a spoilt brat. Someone needs a spanking..!

    Give up? Whats that? Not in my dictionary. However, I’d like to say that the segmentation by PPP was no better. It smells of Asian discrimination to me because in the internet world, it should not matter which part of the world you are from. What matters more is your traffic etc etc etc.

  4. If one wants to improve their Real Rank, at least they have a fighting chance. Just don’t sit idle and complain la.

    Its a lot of hard work so I’m just going to sit here and complain first. Haha.

  5. oh..I’m not talking about you…ah! HA HA HA… when i reread my comment, it could be construed as an attack on you..but no ah…there’s lots of bloggers getting depressed abt it..bla bla bla…

    Do something about it!

    Haha. Why you write a second comment? You sked I dunwan to fren u ah.

  6. Interesting discussion going on here – I had no clue there was a war going on between these giants. I only read on 5xMom’s blog that she was stripped of her PR too but was working real hard to get it back, with her usual gung-ho attitude =)

    All I can is, this is the real world of business. I agree with you though that the advertisers or the ones paid to handle this should do an in-depth filtering and weed out those sponsored posts only blogs.

    I started out blogging with a sincere objective and was quite PO-ed to see some of my original writing/ideas copied and pasted on other blogs or sponsored posts. Heck – not even a word of credit or link to my blog but they’re enjoying the $$$? That’s why I tried out the sponsored posts but it’s pretty hard to turn off the real writing and turn on the ad writing. Thus, I wrote the latter as I would the former – what did that get me? Lambasted for deceiving folks??? I give up!

    You, who do both equally well, should not =) My firm belief is that what’s yours, is yours. What’s not was never meant to be in the first place. Jia you!

    Jia you to you too… as soon as you’ve settled down that is. 🙂

  7. Aiyo… so bad meh? Two weeks no bloghop, feel so “out” now.

    My blog just got approval from PPP. Haven’t really got time to sit and work on anything… thing like this happen liao…

    First PR, which I have been scratch my head to find what is it? Then Alexa. Now RealRank… Gosh! I’m seeing stars…

    Haha Dolphine. I’m seeing stars too.

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