Where is a good place to meet the opposite sex? Hmm… well, from the experience of those whom I know, it would seem that a good place to meet the opposite sex is…

  • at school, college or university
  • at work
  • in Church
  • at a pub
  • on the internet (have to be careful with this one though)
  • I don’t know any more good meeting places. You tell me.

Just within my family, I know of 3 school sweethearts, 3 workplace romances and I pub meeting, thats me. I met hubby at the pub. His friends often laugh in amazement when he tells them that he met me at the pub. Why not? Good girls cannot go to pub meh? I think in their minds, only notty girls go to pub, and not Ms Boring Goody Two Shoes like this one. Lol!

I am a good girl (konon) but I used to go to the pub a lot (in my 20s to 30s). Every weekend and sometimes weekdays too with my girlfriends. I wonder how we still could work the next day. Ah… when you’re young you have lots of energy. Used to drive home alone sometimes at 3am in the morning. Very dangerous behaviour. I wouldn’t dare now but I thought nothing of it then. Sometimes we took turns to drive but usually we drive there and home separately.

Ok, sorry, I digressed. So, where do you think is a good place to meet the opposite sex or where did you meet your spouse if you’re married? Care to share?

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