My blog posts has been copied before by another blogger. She took several blog posts and passed it off as her own. But that was soon resolved.

And then recently there are robots or whatever it is you call them that goes around stealing posts from several bloggers to pass of as their own. These blogs would steal content as soon as you hit publish. They take posts from different bloggers on the same subject matter. Lets say its a Parenting blog. They would steal the content of several Parenting blogs and pass it off as their own. Many of my posts had been stolen that way before.

But now, I’ve just discovered that my ENTIRE BLOG is being copied! Everything. Every post. Every image. Here, take a look at my Parenting blog. Its called Parenting Times. And then take a look at the fake one. Its called Parenting Details. Its a replica of my blog content with all my pictures too including pictures of my children’s craft. I’m so upset but I don’t know what to do. I hate it that someone is trying to pass all my personal moments with my kids as theirs!

I forgot to mention. The forger has put 3 categories into the blog. My whole blog has been copied and being passed of as the Parenting Tip category. Another category is blank and the 3rd category is a copy of various Parenting news from online newspapers on the net.

Can somebody help me please???? What should I do? Can I report to Google or something? I don’t want my blog to be penalised for duplicate content. How should I do that? Anybody has any experience with this?

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