15 minutes before 12.00am we drove out just to drive around. After pumping petrol, we saw many cars parked at the side of the road in anticipation and so we did that too. And then at midnight, the sky lit up in a wondrous display of fireworks for 15 whole minutes. Lovely, simply lovely.

The “crowd” who had gathered were mostly parents with little kids in pyjamas and we all oohed and ahhed. My girl sat on her daddy’s shoulders and shouted “Happy New Year” to everyone. Haha. Very nice. No need to pay and no traffic jam. We were reaaal lucky. What a way to welcome the New Year.

The next day, as according to our own family tradition we got the kids party packs then took photos of them blowing the noisy horns wearing party hats and masks. We do this on the 1st of January every year so we can compare how they have grown.

Its a nice start to the New Year but what will 2008 hold for us? I don’t know yet but I hope to work hard on making it a good year.

Thank you to everyone who dropped by with their New Year greetings. Cheers! 🙂

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