I went to Carrefour to do some shopping during the weekend and was amused to see the speed at which Christmas is being taken over or replaced by Chinese New Year. All things Christmas has disappeared in place of the coming Chinese New Year (which isn’t really far away at all, being just one more month to go). So its…..

  • Goodbye Jingle Bells, Hello Dong Dong Chiang
  • Goodbye Green, Hello Red
  • Goodbye Christmas trees, Hello Cherry Blossoms
  • Goodbye Christmas Turkeys, Hello Lap Cheong
  • Goodbye Christmas Log Cakes, Hello Yee Sang
  • Goodbye Silver Bells, Hello Red Lanterns

Yup! If you go shopping soon, you will be seeing all of the above at the shopping malls. Soon, it will be time to shop for New Year clothes, F&N orange, Mandarin oranges, Bak Kua (Barbequed Pork) etc. All this shopping is going to put a BIG, BIG dent in our pockets!

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