Yesterday I went to the Pavillion for the first time. They were having Chinese acrobatic dances at the stage and the red flowers decoration was up. The Chinese New Year mood is here!

I must say that the fitting rooms at the Parkson, Pavillion are really big which is the way it should be IMO. Usually the fitting rooms are so small that you would have to squeeze yourself like a contortionist just to close the door. I think that the queues outside fitting rooms would be shorter if you made the fitting rooms larger because usually people shop in groups and they like to try in groups to give each other comments. (I don’t know about men but thats what women usually do). Otherwise, everyone has to queue a mile long then come out and I comment on your outfit and you comment on mine and repeat making the queue longer and longer and annoying everyone else in the queue.

Anyway, back to the Parkson fitting room. It had an armchair, a table and a three way mirror (if thats what you call it). The two sides can be moved about (as discovered by my two kids). It could easily fit in my family of four and more. Very nice. A good place to let the kids sit down and rest while you try outfit after outfit after outfit. Hehehe.

However, for a fitting room as large as this one, you should expect to pay premium prices. The outfits can try cannot buy unless you have lots of $$$$. Funny, how they have managed to turn around. At one time, I thought the Parksons all look so run down and about to close down and now they have become so premium.  

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