Hubby’s birthday is approaching and so the unimaginative me went and ordered some more comics for him just like last year. They arrived in a box the other day. The kids were very excited when I told them that the box is a surprise birthday present for daddy.

So we wrapped it up together and I swore them to secrecy after we found a good hiding place for it. Even the 3 year old chipped in “Maybe we’ll hide it in Kong Kong’s room. Its somewhere different.” he said. I was surprised at his clever suggestion. “No, no.” says the 5 year old “Daddy goes in there sometimes to check that everything is ok.” I was surprised about how observant she is. In the end we hid it in another box in our bedroom cupboard.

“Remember, don’t tell daddy about it.” I said.

When daddy came home……

“Daddy, daddy, daddy, there is a surprise present for you!”

Daddy comes to me laughing. “Hahaha. I got surprise birthday present ah. The kids told me.”

When I asked them about it they innocently said. “But we didn’t tell daddy where we hid it or that it is his kungfu kungfu book which he reads in the toilet.”

Lol! Yes, they went on and on and on about his surprise, telling him all about it without revealing what it was but of course hubby already knew……

Next year, I better think of something else. Hahaha.

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