During Chinese New Year, I just gotta have my….

  • bak kua (barbequeued meat)
  • kuih bangkit (Melt in the mouth cookie)
  • kuih kapit (Love Letters)
  • toh tau (peanuts)
  • kam (mandarin oranges)
  • keropok (prawn crackers)
  • my aunt’s chai bui (sweet and sour soup made from leftover vegetables and meats)

Well, those are my staples during the festival but of course there’s lots lots lots more, so how to diet? Thats it!

I now declare my diet officially postponed till after the Chinese New Year festival. Don’t read my blog. I’m a bad influence. Hehehe. As it is my “L” sized Chinese New Year Cheongsum threatens to split at the seams. After the Chinese New Year, it probablly will!

Whats your Chinese New Year food staples? Those that you can’t do without?

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