Have you ever thought about how far the Mandarin Orange travels before it reaches your stomach? Just think about it.

Its because of this Chinese Culture we have of exchanging CNY goodies during CNY. For example, its considered rude to arrive at a guest’s house empty handed. Its also rude to allow your guest who arrives with gifts to leave empty handed.

So this is what happens to the Mandarin orange. Just imagine this scenario.

First it arrives from China. Then it gets wrapped up into pretty hampers. You receive a hamper from work, think its very nice and decide to give it to your older relative. Your older relative gives it to another nephew or niece who comes visiting from outstation. The nephew or niece gives it to a friend who visited them with gifts in return for their gifts. The friend gives it to another friend who gives it to another friend and yet another friend (who happens to know you too) who gives it back to you when he comes to visit you at your house.

Don’t shake your head. This scenario is entirely possible.

Speaking of exchanging gifts. I’m not very good at this gift giving and returning. I always feel a bit awkward doing it. It doesn’t come naturally to me. How about you?

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