I poisoned myself!

I poisoned myself ……….. with decomposing vegetables. Yeap! Thats what I did.

“My wife is trying to poison me.” said Mr MG to the doc as we sat there together to see him. Well, in actual fact, I did poison him and myself too in the process. Fortunately the kids were not affected.

We felt very ill immediately after eating the dinner that I cooked. He felt dizzy, nausea and fever. I felt gastric pains, nausea, fever and chills. The kids were ok. We had eggs and beans, tenggiri fish and onions and mixed vegetables. The kids ate everything we ate accept the vegetables so it must have been the vegetables.

For the mixed vegetables, I used white cabbage, carrots, brocolli and celery. Hmm… so which is it. The white cabbage and carrots looked nice, perhaps too nice but they’re organic so they couldn’t have been loaded with pesticide could they. The brocolli still looked ok. Maybe the celery… it did not look that fantastic but I thought it was just grime and dirt. I did peel off the skin and I soaked the vegetables and changed the water 4-5 times. For the life of me, I just don’t know what it is but I threw them out just in case.

Hubby had it bad. He vomitted and cerit berit a couple of times. I just had severe gastric pains that made me want to bend over. And I felt tired… so very tired and cold. I just wanted to sleep all the time. Gosh. Its horrible, just horrible. Fortunately the kids are ok. Phew! I’m just recovering so I won’t be writing a long post. This is just to remind myself and everyone else to be very, very careful with your food. You could end up feeling very ill. Ewek! Got to go and rest now.

Oh I almost forgot. Happy Chap Goh Meh to anyone who celebrates it.

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5 thoughts on “I poisoned myself!

  1. wash so many time still got pesticide? That’s scary!

    Thank God the kids are ok! Else u lagi tire.

    Hopefully its not some stomach virus because the girl vomitted today. Ewek! Ewek! Ewek! So tired!

  2. I’m also having a food poisoning right now…I cooked fried noodle yday. The kids got it light, just lou sai once, but the maid and me not so lucky. I wonder why hubby didn’t kena though we all ate the same food. Susah!!

    Alamak! Not you too? Kesian. Hope you all get well soon.

  3. My Goodness, hope you and MrMG get well soon.

    Could it be the mix of everything? Sometimes certain food cannot be mixed with the other… for example, carrot and radish can’t be cooked together as one dish.
    Or banana can’t be eaten together yam, it will cause bloatedness… something like that…

    Mixing foods can cause bloatedness and flatulence but surely not vomitting and fever. Hehe. Anyway, I’ve mixed those before previously without any problems.

  4. that was bad!!! phew!! i better not eat my vege if it looks even a little bit not fresh!

    Yah, me too. We seldom eat vegetables outside but now the one I prepare myself also kena. Next time sked adi. Will throw anything that looks not fresh. Usually I won’t throw because afraid of wastage but now even worse!

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