During my pap smear at the end of last year my gynae told me that there was a lump in my left breast and she told me to monitor it myself. Well, I can’t really find the lump myself but its been giving me pain so I’ve scheduled another appointment. Anyway she did tell me to go back for a follow-up to check on those ovarian cysts she saw so I am due for another check-up. Aaarrgh I hate all these doctor visits. I’m scared of the results and of course I hate the waiting but mostly I am afraid of what the doc will say and I hate the anxiety of doing diagnostic tests.

My sister says she’ll probably ask me to do a mammogram. Sis tells me that the mammogram is very painful and uncomfortable. I can’t imagine how its like. I just visualise that it must be like having your breast photostated or something. I searched around and saw this mammogram video on YouTube. Gosh! It looks terribly painful, to have your breast squashed and pressed together till its flat and round like a pancake. Now, I’m even more scared. Shouldn’t have searched around! But looks like I can’t escape it. I’m over 40 and haven’t done my first mammogram yet and with a family history of cancer….

Anyway, I should stop this worrying and just get on with it. I will write an update after my doctor visit. In the meantime, below is the video for those who are wondering how a mammogram is like. And here is a good article about what is a mammogram, when and how often you should do a mammogram and a description of a mammography.

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