So this is how a mammogram looks like

During my pap smear at the end of last year my gynae told me that there was a lump in my left breast and she told me to monitor it myself. Well, I can’t really find the lump myself but its been giving me pain so I’ve scheduled another appointment. Anyway she did tell me to go back for a follow-up to check on those ovarian cysts she saw so I am due for another check-up. Aaarrgh I hate all these doctor visits. I’m scared of the results and of course I hate the waiting but mostly I am afraid of what the doc will say and I hate the anxiety of doing diagnostic tests.

My sister says she’ll probably ask me to do a mammogram. Sis tells me that the mammogram is very painful and uncomfortable. I can’t imagine how its like. I just visualise that it must be like having your breast photostated or something. I searched around and saw this mammogram video on YouTube. Gosh! It looks terribly painful, to have your breast squashed and pressed together till its flat and round like a pancake. Now, I’m even more scared. Shouldn’t have searched around! But looks like I can’t escape it. I’m over 40 and haven’t done my first mammogram yet and with a family history of cancer….

Anyway, I should stop this worrying and just get on with it. I will write an update after my doctor visit. In the meantime, below is the video for those who are wondering how a mammogram is like. And here is a good article about what is a mammogram, when and how often you should do a mammogram and a description of a mammography.

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7 thoughts on “So this is how a mammogram looks like

  1. gee, i initially thot that was u!! haha… if small breast how ah?

    I’m bigger sized than that wor. Oops! Not the breast I mean but overall. Hahaha.

  2. hi..mumsgather…thks for visiting me…oh about this mamogram thing..i did it a few months back…it is not that painful…when you position yrself well onto the plate…and you must not be tense…it is worth doing it since you had a lump…the earlier you had yr test the better…

    Thanks for your reassurance Jasmine. 🙂

  3. Hey MG, actually i just heard from another blogger that her gynae uses the ultrasound to scan the breasts. the gynae said it is effective in searching for lumps. i’m really confused la. is this a new method? i had a mamogram done many moons ago and it’s just like the video you posted. not painful at all….just a tad uncomfortable cos the equipment was rather cold…hehehehe. keep us posted on your appt.

    The gynae said that the ultrasound is to detect any cysts.

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