Some of my blog visitors are rather confused about my blogs so I am going to attempt a brief explanation here.

I only have 3 main blogs. This is how they differ….

1. Mumsgather – This blog. Its about me, I and myself, mostly. I should have given it another heading but when I first bought my own domain, I just used my old blog name which was more “famous”. Its my erm.. trademark name, if I can call it that. Lol!

2. Parenting Times – This is the old “Mumsgather” blog and its mostly about my children, my interactions with them, the funny things they say and the crafts we do together plus any useful children’s links I come across.

3. Mothering Times – This is my Mother’s only blog. Its about stuff that only mothers would care about. Its about the “technical” aspect of being a mother like toilet training, breastfeeding etc. Unless you are a mother, you would find this blog incredibly boring. The most searched words that bring visitors to the blog are things like “chemical pregnancy”. “falls during pregnancy”, “the best breast pump”. “confinement lady”. Those deal with the “early” parts of being a mother but I hope that the blog will grow along with me as I grow as a mother.

Still confused? Nevermind. Feel free to ask me anything you want, anytime and on any blog.  🙂

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