Just do whatever you can

I’ve just finished mending my duvet cover which was badly torn. At first it had a little tear, then little curious fingers made it worse. Finally, hubby reminded me to sew it before it became worse. I finally did it. I finally did. After that was done, I took out the matching pillow case but that was irreparable now. It was torn beyond repair. It had a little tear in it as well but I just left it and I never handwashed it because I never had the time. I just did what I could. I threw it in the washing machine again and again and with each wash the tear just got bigger and bigger and bigger and now its beyond repair. 😛

“Just do whatever you can” my hubby is always telling me. I am glad that he is so understanding and not demanding in getting good meals and making sure that the house is clean. He knows that my priority is the kids and housework is second. So he doesn’t mind if the house is not spick and span.

He would gently remind me if he notices that the dust is 2 inches deep on the shelves or the toilet is beginning to look like a public toilet. Apart from that he never pressures me to make sure that the house is clean or to have good meals waiting for him and the kids. He does not mind that I sometimes ask him to “tapau” after a hard day’s work instead of coming  home to piping hot home cooked food.

He would rather I spend time playing with the kids than to see me sweating it out in front of the ironing board. So he never complains if his shirts is less than perfectly ironed with not a single crease.

Thats how I survive. I just do whatever I can. Having an understanding husband helps A LOT or else I would go mad. Hahahaha.

This post is to answer some readers who asked the question: “How do you manage?”

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2 thoughts on “Just do whatever you can

  1. wah! your hubby is so good. No wonder u pamper him!

    Well, between a foot massage and a public toilet in his house, I think he would pick a foot massage. Hahaha. So he mah close one eye to the public toilet loh. Come to think of it, I would also pick the foot massage, which is a lot easier to do, can chit chat at the same time or watch tv or read. hahaha. Besides, I pamper him only at night because I am a night person. In the mornings, he has to fix his own breakfast, eat it alone and go to work himself cos I’m still sleeping. Hehe.

  2. ya, sometimes we eat out or ta pau too. b4 i had a part timer, i sent hubby’s clothes to the laundry shop to iron. RM1 per piece and save me the trouble of standing more than 1.5 hrs just to iron his 17 pieces of clothes…

    17 pieces of clothes! How do you get that amount?

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