Have visited the gynae for the pain my the left breast complain. First she did an ultrasound to view the two cyst in the ovaries which she found during my last pap smear and told me that they have shrunk. “Don’t worry, its not cancer” she says. “You can come back in 6 months or a year and we’ll monitor it. Hopefully it will have disappeared by then.”

I told her about the pain in the left breast around the area where she said she had found a lump. “Should I get a mamogram?” I asked her. “There’s no harm” she said but she didn’t suggest or insist on it. She then did an ultrasound of the breasts. “The ultrasound will help us to see any cyst.” she said. She did not found any. She said that the pain was probably caused by the breast tissues. There is more tissues on the left according to her. Hmmm….. maybe I’m fatter there.

She then took some blood for a tumour marker test and concluded the visit by giving me antibiotics and Evening Primrose Oil for 4 months. Initially she had wanted to give me Vitamin E for two months but changed to EPO instead. She said the pain could be caused by infection and thats what the antibiotics is for. I told her that I was taking anti-seizure medicine and asked her about the safety of taking the antibiotics and the EPO.

She said they were safe. She told me that the medicine I was taking could have caused some hormonal imbalances and the EPO will balance it back. The damage was RM326.

When I got back I searched the net for “Evening Primrose Oil and Epilepsy” and found that it is not advisable for those with epilepsy to take EPO as it could cause seizures. Hmm… Anyway, the tumour marker results are out and its normal.

So we’ll live with things as it is until the next annual appointment. After the conclusion of this visit, I think I’ll wait a while before getting a mamogram done.

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