Cooking two meals a day can be rather tiring. Thinking of what to cook is equally tiring. What do you cook when you wish to have your family eat good nutritious home cooked meals twice a day? It must be easy to clean up too. Not too messy and don’t require too much preparation time. A tall order I tell you.

I’m still in my lazy mode so I’m sticking with my one-pot meals. I’m great at making those. One pot chicken rice, one pot yam rice, one pot spaghetti, one pot vermicilli soup, one pot tomato rice, one pot porridge whether its sliced fish or minced pork, beef or chicken porridge. Just throw in some veg, carrots, cabbage, tomato, celery or brocolli or whatever you can find in your fridge and the porridge becomes wholesome, nutritious and complete and the kids eat their veges without knowing it.

But I’m running out of ideas…………. Can anyone give me some good ideas on other simple meals to cook? Links to your recipes, if any, would be most appreciated.

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