I’ve been seeing the world through blury vision. I can’t remember when in my adulthood that I required spectacles but the first time I made my specs and walked out of the shop, I was amazed at how clear everything looked all of a sudden. Although my power isn’t very high, around 150 plus minus still it made a big difference.

Over the recent years however, I found that my eyesight had actually gotten better and I didn’t need to wear glasses anymore. I thought it was just old age making my eyesight better. Anyway, I noticed that I have been squiting and struggling to see things from afar lately so hubby took me to the optician to get a new pair of spectacles.

Wow! Suddenly everything looks crystal clear again. Hahaha. I have some astigmatism as well so my night vision was greatly improved after I donned my new glasses. We went for a car ride last night and everything looked so pretty, all the night lights, the street lamps and other colored decorative lights, the high rise apartments (I could actually see the little windows in them now and not just a blur of lights. Lol!), as we zoomed passed buildings, I could see all the names of the shops with clarity.  Wheeee!

Fantastic. Now I don’t need to look at the world through blury vision again. Only one thing though………..now I look like the Ah Soh that I am. (Not that I didn’t look like Ah Soh before but now even more so!)

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